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Internet SMS Enables you to send free SMS to to mobile phones in a qucik and fast way. Enjoy the free sms in , Sms to is a service made mainly to serve people. Using free sms service you can also send jokes and keypress ring tones. We are adding more and more networks to out service so that you can send free sms to mobile service providers in .

If your network is not listed it will be listed soon so you can send free sms to your network in your . We are soon coming with alert service , Bulk sms in , more features like birhtday reminders to and so on. need free sms and we provide free sms for your ease. Hope you like the website for sms to for its free sms to Internet SMS service. Drop me your comments at Contact us.

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Sms: Short message service, has the power to change the way the world Communicates, Sms are sent using sms gateways but are one of costliest means of communication. We present you the free sms service providers accross world, across maximum countries

Easy - Get 20 free when sign up it only takes 1 minute. Tell others and earn cash.

Kanoozee - Free SMS dating tell others and make cash

Clickatell Download there software and get 5 free sms credits.

1rstwap - Send free sms to mobile phone users anywhere in the world. Lengthy registration is required, but (I think) it's worth it - very fast sms!

BoltBlue - You can send SMS text messages from your PC to almost any mobile in the world. Register with Boltblue to receive 15 free text messages per month.

ICQ - "Use ICQ to send mobile messages to your friends' & family's cell phones whether they have ICQ or not!" Need to have an ICQ number (requires installation of ICQ software).

Procomsoft FREE SMS - Send free sms text messages to a variety of countries (personal use only). Registration is required to use this service, however - businesses only, it seems (your business needs to be a member of a specific online business directory - and an activation code is sent to your email address.

Send Free SMS Worldwide - Send Free SMS Worldwide, no registration required

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